Ante-nuptial Contracts:

An Ante-Nuptial Contract (ANC) is a legal contract which regulates the matrimonial property system between spouses. ANCs must be executed before a Notary Public before the parties are married and thereafter registered in the relevant Deeds Office within 3 months of execution.More…

Pietermaritzburg Correspondent:

We act for instructing attorneys located throughout South Africa and attend to matters in all the Pietermaritzburg Courts (High Court, Regional and Magistrates Courts), as well as queries relating to estates and trusts, dealt with by the Masters Office and transfers and bond registrations dealt with by the Pietermaritzburg Deeds Registry. More…


Our Commercial and Corporate Law Department has quickly developed a solid reputation for rendering excellent and cost-effective service to the local business community. More…


Our offices are situated a stone’s throw away from the Deeds Office which allows us to attend to a number of matters relating to the Conveyancing transfer process, from agreements of sale through to registrations, searches and copies, as well as the registration of Notarial Documents. More…

Unopposed Divorces:

The decision to get divorced is never an easy one. We aim to make the legal process severing the relationship with your spouse as quick, painless and cost-effective as possible. We are with you every step of the way. More…


Put simply, litigation is the process of taking a case through the relevant legal court in order to enforce a particular right. More…

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Many thanks for all your help and the sensitive way in which you have dealt with my case.   Will be raising a glass on the 4th! Katharine Ridgeway