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Retainer packages

Every client that Viv Greene Attorneys work with in Pietermaritzburg is unique. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all pricing structure.

With this in mind, Viv Greene Attorneys have introduced an innovative fee method or retainer fee structure, offering a retainer-based plan for Pietermaritzburg small, medium, and large business clients who wish to “outsource” and consider us their external legal partner. Working with our clients we have developed a portfolio of retainer pricing options or packages, allowing us to tailor a bespoke service at a competitive price, suitable for most budgets.

Pay annually and receive a 10% discount

Small - R1500 Medium - R4500 Large - R14000 Customized
Calls & Consultations
At your request
Document Reviews
At your request
Bail applications
At your request
Debt Recovery
At your request
Contract draft & dispute
At your request
At your request
Priority service

Not only can you choose from the aforementioned structures, but you can tailor your chosen fee structure to suit your needs best. Should our available structures not suit you, you may pick and choose the legal services that you require, and we will draw up a quote for you. 

The monthly retainer fee depends on the structure that you choose. This fee compensates us for agreeing to be on standby for you. By doing so, we are potentially foregoing other gainful employment and business opportunities in order to remain available to you and offer you the best quality of service.

A retainer-based arrangement involves hiring us to provide agreed legal services at a specified monthly fee. The services are pre-established between you and our firm and are summarised in our retainer packages and detailed in a retainer agreement. The client has free access to our personnel for everything aside from litigation for an agreed capping of hours per month.

For ongoing legal support, our retainer packages deliver the comfort of certainty around billing and an on-call lawyer who is integrated and committed to your PMB business.

Our packages for new businesses start from as little as R1500 plus VAT per month for which you get help with drafting any agreement that you need, specified services and unlimited support and discounted rates off our other services.

Some of the services we offer, depending on the package you choose

Calls & consultation

Document reviews

Bail applications

Debt recovery

Contract draft & disputes

Priority service

How we define a Retainer Agreement

A Retainer Agreement is really an alternative written fee agreement with an attorney, at reduced monthly tariffs. It sets forth the scope of what the law firm will do for the client and to help clarify and formalise obligations, terms and roles between client and attorney. It should contain essential information including what the law firm fees are and how they are to be paid.

It is calculated to equate to the average value of the work over a long period, so as to smooth out the peaks and troughs and give you budgeting certainty. The retainer fee is reviewed regularly to ensure that it is pitched at a fair level in relation to the volume or work.

Who would benefit from a Retainer package?

For clients which may be individuals running their own businesses or running their own company, there are a lot of issues for which you could regularly do with a little professional guidance or assistance to ensure you are acting in the correct manner or following the correct legal route to maximise the position and profitability of your business. A monthly retainer package could be an option to consider.

Whilst many large businesses would have an in-house accountant and lawyer to advise and assist on a full-time basis, this is not always worth it or affordable for small to medium size companies. Ideally you would have a legal advisor on tap, which you could turn on or off at minimal cost using a Fixed Fee Retainer Agreement whereby a standard monthly or annual service charge is paid for regular on hand legal assistance across a variety of areas of your business.

A retainer fee sometimes is considered a down payment on any legal services you may need.

Coming to a fixed price monthly retainer arrangement with Viv Greene Attorneys, ensures certainty of cost to your business and also enables immediate access to our legal advisors at all levels of experience, with a dedicated level of service, at an affordable cost. This is without doubt, considerably quicker and cheaper than a one-off instruction or alternatively the cost of employing someone in-house. Your company would have access to lawyers or legal practitioners of varying seniority to deal with a variety of legal matters, ranging from simple procedural issues that junior practitioners can assist with through to more complex advice in respect of business risks, threats of litigation and commercial arrangements.

We have 4 different retainer packages to meet your requirements in terms of your budget and your requirements. All of our packages would provide access to all levels of legal assistance up to and including partner level.

The prices and services can be fixed and customised according to your needs. Caps are set on the total hours that can be used depending on the particular retainer amount and type of work, 

Small – R1500
Medium – R4500
Large – R14000

With all of our retainer fee structures, you agree to a capped fee for every month and we only charge you for the work that we do up to that amount. Once we reach this amount we stop and contact you. This way you will have a degree of certainty about your monthly legal fees because they will never go over the cap without your permission.

The retainer agreement will generally last for 6 months to a year, after which you can choose whether you would like to renew your subscription or not.

Remember, as a business, irrespective of your size, it is important to have a lawyer on your side. With a retainer agreement in place, not only do you get this, but you also get to build a long-term relationship with the firm. It is like having an in-house lawyer, but cheaper.

These are some of the advantages of retainer-based arrangements

Availability and access to a lawyer that you choose and build a long term relationship

Useful for planning your budget

It eliminates hourly billing per matter

Allows the client to utilise our services without constant worry that each call costs money or that employees will begin calling and cost the business too much.

You have a local law firm on your side for much less than hiring an in-house lawyer

The attorney becomes familiar with the business and its legal documents, allowing issues to be resolved more effectively and efficiently

Useful for busy people who need to set hours each month for specific attorney services

Eliminate surprises related to legal fees

Getting answers to legal questions over a quick call instead of spending time searching on Google

Legal service are an e-mail or telephone call away, eliminating the need for new introductions

Retainer clients can increase or decrease their retainer level as frequently as they wish.

 Our lawyers are qualified and experienced and benefit from professional indemnity insurance. We provide retainer packages to businesses of all sizes – whether they are just starting off or larger corporations with multi-million rand turnovers.