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The laws governing privacy and data protection are crucial to protecting your organisation’s success. Viv Greene Attorneys have a team of expert legal advisors ready to help your company or organisation comply with privacy and data protection laws in South Africa.

 If your business in the private or public sector processes personal information, you need to do so in a lawful manner. Our attorneys can assist organisations with compliance services in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act or POPIA.

Popia assessment

What is POPIA?

South Africa has become the latest country to create strong data protection for its citizens. POPIA or Protection of Personal Information Act, is a South African domestic law that applies to the processing of personal information. The aim of POPIA is to give effect to the constitutional right to privacy and empower citizens with enforceable rights over their personal information.

The Protection of Personal Information Act applies to any organisation or company that processes personal information in South Africa whether in an automated or non-automated way. The POPIA act aims to protect individuals from information theft and data breaches.

Both private and public sectors should comply as soon as possible to protect the rights of individuals. If you have never done so before, now is the time to seriously consider what personal information you capture, manage and store.

How can I comply?

Your company or organisation can comply with POPIA in the following ways:

  • Appoint a competent team – appoint a dedicated POPIA compliance officer. Nominate a data representative to make sure POPIA is complied with. If your company or organisation is a large one, appoint a full team
  • Assign responsibilities – decide who will be responsible for processing, storing, managing or the destruction of personal information that your organisation possesses. This includes past and present clients.
  • Put a data handling policy in place – make sure that your staff know how to deal with POPI.
  • Get access to tools – to help your company ensure compliance, get access to tools that will provide you and your staff with easy-to-understand checklists
  • Train your personnel –  through awareness training, your employees will get to understand what data privacy legislation entails and what is required from them.
  • Implementation – implement, monitor and maintain your compliance framework.
  • Get expert guidance – ask the experts at Viv Greene Attorneys to guide you in complying with the conditions for lawful processing

Allow Viv Greene attorneys to help you comply with POPIA laws. We know that the risks of non-compliance can mean huge fines for your organisation. We have a skilled team in place able to help you with compliance.