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Correspondent Attorney of choice in Pietermaritzburg

Viv Greene Attorneys is a general practice law firm situated in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal’s administrative capital. Our client relationships are long-standing because, as lawyers, we are committed to offering the same personalised services to all, from private individuals to SME and corporate bodies. We charge on the appropriate party and party scale.

What we offer

Pietermaritzburg Correspondent​

We are geared as a Pietermaritzburg Correspondent to serve the needs of a wide network of legal firms throughout the province of .......

Civil Litigation​

Put simply, litigation is the process of taking a case through the relevant legal court in order to enforce a particular right.


Insolvency is a legal term used to describe a debtor’s state of being unable to pay its debts, or when their liabilities exceed their assets.

Ante-Nuptial Contracts

In SA it is advisable for couples to sign an Ante-Nuptial Contract (ANC) prior to getting married. This is a legal document that determines ....


Certain elements are required in order for a valid contractual agreement to take place. One such element is that there ....


We offer quality conveyancing services to a vast and diverse base of clients. Our expertise stretches far and wide when it comes to ...

Criminal litigation

Criminal Litigation involves a criminal matter and the process of proceeding to trial in a criminal court to either prosecute or defend oneself.

Estate administration

We assist Nominated Executors with the winding up of Estates and obtaining either the Letters of Authority or Letters of Executorship.


Viv Greene Attorneys is adept at inventive ways of resolving matters. Accordingly, we have attorneys who are accredited mediators...


Viv Greene Attorneys assist with offering quality services of drafting and documenting of wills.

Bail Applications

Bail is the method by which the Court secures the attendance of the accused until the matter is finalized.

Drunken Driving

Drunk-driving or drinking and driving, refers to being in control of a vehicle on a public road, after drinking...

The launch of Viv Greene Attorneys was supported by many law firms in South Africa, from Cape Town to Gauteng, who needed a correspondent lawyer service in Pietermaritzburg and remain satisfied clients to this day.

The aim of the law firm is to achieve a successful outcome for every instruction it receives.

To achieve this, Viv Greene Attorneys will act as your correspondent for litigation in the High Court, Regional and Magistrate Courts in Pietermaritzburg, deal with each of your instructions as if they are their own and actively pursue your matters from inception to finalisation as speedily and cost-effectively as possible.

As specialists in civil litigation, we have developed in-house systems that allow us to work fast and win.

Our knowledge of the PMB courts and relationships with all the legal staff, help us expedite all correspondent instructions. The work ethic of Viv Greene Attorneys epitomises the phrase ‘Going the extra mile’ with the sole aim of being,

The No. 1 Correspondent Law Firm
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20 Years Of Experience In Various Cases

We understand the need for professionalism, privacy and confidentiality in both our relationship with our customers as well as your clients. We do nothing to prejudice that relationship. Think of us as your attorney on demand.