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Pietermaritzburg Correspondent​

We are geared as a Pietermaritzburg Correspondent to serve the needs of a wide network of legal firms throughout the province of KwaZulu-Natal and across South Africa.

Civil Litigation​

Put simply, litigation is the process of taking a case through the relevant legal court in order to enforce a particular right. Civil litigation encompasses many different causes of action.......


Insolvency is a legal term used to describe a debtor’s state of being unable to pay its debts, or when their liabilities exceed their assets, whether the debtor is an individual or a corporate entity.

Ante-Nuptial Contracts

In SA it is advisable for couples to sign an Ante-Nuptial Contract (ANC) prior to getting married. This is a legal document that determines what becomes of your possessions in the unfortunate events.....


Certain elements are required in order for a valid contractual agreement to take place. One such element is that there must be a consensus or a ‘meeting of the minds’ between the contracting parties.


We offer quality conveyancing services to a vast and diverse base of clients. Our expertise stretches far and wide when it comes to conveyancing matters.

Criminal litigation

Criminal Litigation involves a criminal matter and the process of proceeding to trial in a criminal court to either prosecute or defend oneself. Being charged with a criminal offense is a serious matter....

Estate administration

We assist Nominated Executors with the winding up of Estates and obtaining either the Letters of Authority or Letters of Executorship. We take charge of the entire administration process and wind up the Estate.


Viv Greene Attorneys is adept at inventive ways of resolving matters. Accordingly, we have attorneys who are accredited mediators, whose expertise and qualifications ensure success.

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Our client relationships are long-standing because, as lawyers, we are committed to offering the same personalised services to all, from private individuals to SME and corporate bodies.

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