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Notary Public, Pietermaritzburg

A Notary Public in SA is an admitted attorney who has passed the competency examination for Notarial Practice and who has been admitted as a Notary Public by the High Court of SA. A Notary Public holds a respected office which is internationally recognised. 

Notarisation by our Notary Public ensures that your document is authentic, that the signatures are authentic and that the signatory was not forced into sighing the documents. We ensure that the documents are in full force and effect.

 Institutions in Pietermaritzburg rely on Notary Publics having faith in important documents such as travel documentation and police clearance certificates. When our Notary Public at Viv Greene Attorneys has witnessed a signing of a document, she applies her own details which include signature, seal and notary commission details.

These stamps and seals serve as a means of verifying the transaction so that others can rely on its authenticity. Notarised documents are very important which is why they have to be signed in the presence of a Notary Public.

When will I need to apostille my documents?

When you are travelling abroad to live or work.

If you are you planning on travelling abroad to live or work, why not give us a call to help you understand the requirements, the process and the procedures.

An important legal certificate that proves a document is valid when used abroad.

1. What documents can be Apostilled?

  • Any public or legal document in South Africa.
  • the following documents that can mostly likely be asked for if one is pursuing a job overseas include but not limited to are:
    • unabridged birth certificates;
    • marriage certificates;
    • police clearance certificates;
    • any document issued by the Department of Home Affairs;
    • Powers of Attorney;
    • Degrees, Diplomas and Matriculation Certificates;

NOTE:  matric certificates, tertiary degrees, diplomas or qualifications require verification from the Department of Higher Education or the Department of Basic Education prior to submission for the Apostille.

1.3. Other documents include:

  • Death certificates;
  • Divorce decrees;
  • Copy of passports;
  • Copy of driver’s license;
  • Articles of Association;
  • Travel consent letter;

Our prices are as follows: (payment needs to be upfront)

Apostille at High Court: R1350.00 Incl. Vat per document

Notarial authentication: R1100.00 Incl. Vat per document


R250.00 Incl. Vat per copy of each document

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