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Let Viv Greene Attorneys handle your Pietermaritzburg cases while you focus on your practice in Cape Town.

If you are a law firm in Cape Town in search of a trusted correspondent law firm in Pietermaritzburg, look no further. Viv Greene Attorneys is your go-to choice for seamless correspondent services.

For all correspondent work we charge on the relevant party-party tariff.

Our excellent reputation has made us a first choice for law firms looking for correspondent attorney services in KZN.

We are dedicated to offering our clients high-standard litigation correspondent services across a wide range of matters.

Why choose Viv Greene Attorneys as correspondents for your Cape Town law firm?

Viv Greene Attorneys is a team of qualified and solution-oriented attorneys who specialise in providing correspondent services to law firms in Cape Town and the surrounding area, with a focus on Pietermaritzburg courts.

We offer a seamless and efficient correspondent attorney service that will make your life easier.

Our team of experienced attorneys is well-versed in the Pietermaritzburg courts and we have a proven track record of success.

We are committed to delivering high-standard litigation correspondent services, tailored to your unique needs. Viv Greene Attorneys is the preferred Cape Town correspondent law firm of choice for seamless services in Pietermaritzburg courts.

Our Jurisdiction Covers:

KwaZulu-Natal High Court (serving the entire province of KZN, including Durban)
Pietermaritzburg Magistrate’s Court
Pietermaritzburg Regional Court, with jurisdiction over districts including:
Lion’s River
Mooi River
New Hanover
Master of the High Court and the Deeds Office

Our strategic location, within 5km of key courts and administrative offices in Pietermaritzburg, ensures prompt attention to your legal matters. Viv Greene Attorneys should be your Cape Town correspondent for Pietermaritzburg courts

What sets us apart

  • We offer a competitive fee structure and a supportive work environment.
  • Our team of experienced attorneys is here to help you succeed.
  • We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality legal services.
  • Swift turnaround on instructions
  • Efficient regional representation of your Cape Town firm
  • Commitment to achieving your client’s objectives
  • Regular reports and feedback
  • Affordability


We have established an outstanding reputation for providing solid, cost-effective litigation correspondent services to a number of law firms nationwide. Our firm has quickly grown to become a recognised and preferred name for correspondent services. Our rates are reasonable and highly competitive.

Litigation Expertise for Cape Town law firms:

  • We adhere to the relevant party-party tariff for litigation services.
  • Our attorneys represent you in District and Regional Courts for trials and in the High Court for various applications, saving you on counsel fees.
  • We maintain strong relationships with local counsel when their services are needed.

Conveyancing Services for Cape Town Attorneys:

Our fees align with prevailing LPC guidelines, with room for negotiation under certain circumstances.

For more information on our correspondent services tailored for Cape Town law firms, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. Viv Greene Attorneys is your trusted partner, equipped and experienced across multiple legal fields, ready to assist your firm.

Discover the convenience and excellence of Cape Town’s preferred correspondent law firm in Pietermaritzburg. Contact us today to learn more about our correspondent attorney program.